Well, this was somewhat unexpected. Over the past few months, I’ve written articles about subjects all over the spectrum of dance music and culture – and I know there’s still a lot of things that still haven’t been mentioned. But even I never expected to write about David Morales having an operation to remove a bunion off his foot. Yet here we are…

Now we all know what happened in the world last March. Most of the world basically closed down for a few weeks whilst governments everywhere tried to work out just how much of a threat Covid-19 was to the economy and healthcare system. Clubs closed almost overnight and stayed closed for quite a while – and different DJs responded in different ways.

David Morales responded by starting something on Twitch called Sunday Mass. The premise was simple – several hours of house music played by Morales and the occasional guest each Sunday. Morales has more than proven his staying power over the years, but he proved it once again with the fact he’s turned up every single weekend for the past 18 months to do it. Was there anything which would stop him?

Er, it turns out there was. And it wasn’t the pandemic or work commitments or anything like that. No, it was an operation to remove a pesky bunion off David Morales’s foot – and according to a video he posted on Facebook on Friday night, he expects he’s going to be in some pain by today.

Which I totally believe – I had an operation to remove an ingrown toenail some 15 years ago and it hurt like hell the next day. This blog wishes him a speedy recovery.

Goodness knows the world needs to hear more decent house music…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.