DJ Rebekah is rattled. She’s doing her utmost not to show it, but it’s there. Since news emerged last week of her collaboration with Francesco Tristano, numerous critical comments on her Instagram page have been scrubbed.

And not only that, but someone pointed her in the direction of this very blog. She responded last night with a long story on her Instagram page – whilst not actually naming Amateur’s House – pointing out all the work she’s been doing whilst not really answering the question of why she thinks working with a Derrick May collaborator isn’t going to look suspect.

Like Rebekah, this blog goes quiet on certain subjects at times too. Investigations go on in the background – many come to fruition, some come to nothing. But as the leader of a movement, it surely wouldn’t be beyond her to update her followers occasionally if work is going on behind the scenes.

Rebekah may not like this, but the simple truth is when you lead a movement and radio silence is all which eminates from it for month, people are entitled to ask why – in much the same way she has the right to reply to this blog if she disagrees with something I say. Freedom of speech is a two way street, not just one that applies when someone agrees with you.

She did, however, allow one critical comment to remain standing. Not surprisingly, it’s one which made a factual error. Rebekah certainly did not “duck” on “calling out” Derrick May – she was one of very few who called him out last year whilst many in the industry remained shamefully silent. But that factual error allowed her to state this…

So because Tristano was involved with Derrick May before the many allegations against him emerged, Rebekah appears to be saying he gets a pass. I’m not quite sure I agree with that. Tristano effectively used the mythology surrounding May to create a name for himself in dance music – and helped May cover up the fact he cannot play in the process.

Whilst this blog would never argue that faking playing the piano is a more serious allegation than sexual abuse, I don’t think this gets him off the hook entirely. You’ll have to be a little more persuasive than that, Rebekah…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.