Ibiza this year has been a strange place. My sources, who know the island far better than I likely ever will, say it’s been one where illicit, small raves have been dominant more than anything else. With Covid still causing problems around the world, the streets have been noticeably quieter than a normal summer season.

The dance music press have been banging on for weeks about when they’re going to reopen. Now, vaccine passports have caused some legal controversy in Spain – so the proposals to reopen Ibiza using these passes to do so had to be cleared through the courts. And the trouble with the legal system is it can take a while.

They’ve now finally cleared it, and the clubs can reopen on October 8th. Yet most won’t. And this has come as something of a surprise to the dance music press – people who typically know nothing about running a business.

How are they meant to stock up their bars with no idea how many will come? Where are the staff going to come from to actually run it? And who on earth wants to go to Ibiza in late October anyway, just as they’re closing up for the year?

Clubbing as you knew it on the island isn’t coming back until next year. And my sources mention that a few of the clubs are already financially troubled. So it might not be exactly as you know it…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.