Back in 2015, Felix Da Housecat paid a visit to Germany. He was in the city of Berlin – and having presumably heard of the infamous Berghain nightclub, he decided to pay a visit. The club is well known for being particularly fussy over who they let in – it’s not unheard of for the venue to let you in one week and refuse entry the following week.

Anyone going to Berghain does so with no guarantee they’ll get in. Numerous articles have been written over the years about what to do to increase your odds and what not to do. Felix Da Housecat, however, chose not to read any of this material to up his chances.

They refused to let him in. Only his side of the story has ever been heard – mostly because he shouted the loudest and also because dance music journalists are normally too lazy to ask. He responded to the snub with a series of expletive-filled tweets, accusing Berghain of being racist and disrespecting Chicago.

Not so, according to two sources. They say that he was caught jumping the queue. They claim he just cut in and hoped no one would notice – but unfortunately for him, the doormen at Berghain did.

Infact, one source was actually in the queue that very evening and clearly recalls what happened. She says “He was being a d**k, basically. He cut in line, and started acting like he was something special. He just came across as a p***k. Then when he got to the front and they shook their heads, he flipped out.”

“He started banging on about being a really big DJ and mentioned he was from the same city as Frankie Knuckles. At one point, he even used the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ line. One or two of the doormen were almost laughing at this point, it was ridiculous.”.

Another source confirmed the story as being correct, simply summing up saying “The reason Felix was turned away was nothing to do with racism and everything to do with him acting like an entitled a***hole.”.

Funny how none of those details made it into his rant, isn’t it?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.