The Conservative Party is a strange phenomenon. They have been the dominant force in British politics now for around a century. Yet you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who admits to voting for them. Two countries of the UK constantly reject them at elections, one can’t vote for them at all and even in England, they’ve never managed to get over 50% of the vote.

But despite all this, they keep being put into office. And probably the strangest time of year is when this mysterious collective all meet – like they did over the past few days in Manchester. Highlights include the Prime Minister posting a video of him buttering a slice of toast, and Michael Gove saying he might go clubbing – again.

Naturally, there are whole swathes of people who can’t stand them – and that has always included a lot of people in the music business. Which is why when Prime Minister Boris Johnson came out to give a speech yesterday to the song “Blue Cassette” by Friendly Fires, the rather, ahem, blue reaction by the band didn’t come as much of a surprise. They said…

Casting aside the fact Friendly Fires didn’t approve of their use of the song, who exactly was responsible for this choice? The song is about someone finding an old cassette tape in their garden, covered with dirt. What are the Tories trying to tell us?

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.