I’m not a journalist – I have no formal training in the field. Whilst I did consider becoming involved in this world many years ago, life took a different path. Mind you, when a professional journalist I actually respect – rest assured there aren’t many – got in touch recently to say he considered me a better one than many of his peers, it makes me wonder.

Anyway, back onto the subject of Annabel Ross. Yes, the utterly charmless lady who concocts allegations of misogyny towards blogs when they dare write something about her friend – and potential employer – she doesn’t like. And then tries to bully people when they won’t lie down and roll over at her nonsense.

Well, on Wednesday, she started having a go at the Electric Daisy Carnival for basically being a rich white men’s parade. Here’s where this gets interesting – Annabel is actually correct, and on the point that festivals must up their game in this area, I entirely agree. But now that she’s on day two of her diatribe, she’s started slipping up.

Because having correctly diagnosed the problem, she now seems to think that it’s somehow other people’s problem to fix…

Now this is a very curious line indeed from this blog’s favourite charmless journalist. Her own website states she has written for numerous music publications and non-music ones, including Billboard – who she cites above – need to “cover it critically” and “ask the hard questions of Pasquale [Rotella, founder and CEO of Insomniac, the company which runs EDC]”.

Not only that, but she’s now trying to drag Rotella into the row by tagging his Twitter profile. There’s been no response at the time of publishing this post from him – and I suspect it’s best he doesn’t. Because Ross is doing the same as she often does whenever she goes after someone – she tries to make it about her. Her bout of attention seeking is best ignored, if not mocked first.

Funnily enough though, I received an email yesterday from someone who shall remain anonymous – but who has links with Insomniac. This person simply said “Whilst festivals need to do more to bring in more women and minorities, a lot of things are beyond our control. For example, many of these are bookings from before Covid which haven’t happened yet. But the idea Pasquale is some kind of sexist is just bull**** – and I’ll be dammed if I’m taking that from some chicken**** journalist.”.


By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.