Since this blog started writing about Derrick May, one question which I’m frequently asked is why more people aren’t speaking out against him, particularly from within the scene. Reasons vary – some actually believe his treatment has been “unfair”, since there hasn’t been a criminal conviction against him. And others have their own skeletons to hide.

Whereas some simply don’t care. So long as there’s money to be made, they couldn’t care less about what that person gets up to. Weetamix – a club based in Geneva, Switzerland – fits firmly in the third category. They’ve booked Derrick May to appear for them tomorrow night, and he’s due to play for eight hours straight.

Quite how he’s going to fare remains in question – will he have the same stamina in the DJ booth as he used to? A source in Detroit told me the other day that “Derrick hasn’t done a set in months – and it shows. Blunt truth is he’s getting fat. He prides himself on being fit and healthy, but he’s let himself go over the past few months.”.

Jokes aside though, questions remain over how he got the gig. They have the internet in Switzerland, so they definitely have the means of accessing all those articles which appeared about him last year. A source tells me that May has connections to Switzerland – partly thanks to former manager Patricia Altisent being based there – so it looks to me like the old boy network has been busy…

Right now though, the only question is will Derrick May still have this gig tomorrow evening? And this remains to be determined…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.