I can’t take any personal credit for this one – that goes to an anonymous source who emailed me this morning. Danny Rampling actually has a gig on tonight. Heavens to Betsy, I hear you all collectively shriek – but alas it’s true. He’s DJing at the Rockwater in Hove this very evening.

And this news even appears to have come as a surprise to Danny Rampling himself. Note the highly curious wording in his latest Instagram post…


Yes, he’s “just been booked” for it. He posted it on a Wednesday evening – for a gig on Thursday night. What a contrast with how packed his diary was back in the day.

My source tells me “I used to run [club name redacted] in London for most of the 90s. And it was the summer of 1994. I wanted to book Rampling for a night just before Christmas. So I phoned his agent – and they told me the first available date in the diary wasn’t until Valentine’s Day. In 1996. I thought he was giving me the brush off, but a mate told me a few days later that it was true”.

24 months notice in the 90s, 24 hours notice in 2021? Things have certainly changed…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.