Last weekend, this blog published an article all about British garage and house don Scott Diaz and his latest apparent hard man look. I said that he would be perfect for BBC soap EastEnders, a sidekick for a tour with Carl Cox – or even as a new doorman at the notoriously selective Berghain.

Obviously, the article was meant as a joke. But it appears that merely days after I wrote it, Berghain are indeed short staffed. A source in the Berlin clubbing scene tells me a number of people left the club to get jobs elsewhere during the pandemic. He said “They’re not likely to come back. A couple of them became delivery drivers and are making really good salary.”.

So the club is understood to be on a recruitment drive. However, the problem could take some time to resolve. My source also told me “Berghain are selective with who they hire. Not everyone is suitable for a venue like it, not everyone understands there are ways they do things”.

Maybe you’d like to give your CV a quick look over, Scott…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.