A while ago, I had a few complaints from regular readers that this blog had been placed in an adult category by a few web shields – and it took a while to contact these various tech companies to get this resolved So I have to watch my words with this post – but a quick Google search will bring up details for the more perspicacious of you.

As we all know, German club Berghain is primarily about gay culture. And that culture can be expressed in a, shall we say, very direct way sometimes. I make no judgement on this – I’m simply stating that almost anything goes at the club. And yes, for some people, this also includes what I shall simply call horizontal refreshment.

It’s safe to say many of the activities – horizontal and otherwise – involve dispensing with the finer details of social distancing. And whilst some of them may indeed involve masks, these are typically not the sort you might normally wear in polite company.

So I wasn’t terribly surprised, with all that in mind, to discover through the German media that 19 cases of Covid have been linked to the club. According to the Berliner Morgenpost, some 2,500 people had to be contacted. They were advised to do lateral flow tests – or PCR tests if they showed symptoms.

Berghain declined to comment when contacted by the newspaper. Which was a somewhat more dignified response than a certain nameless nightclub had when this blog approached them…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.