Rebekah isn’t much of a fan of this blog. On September 30th, I published an article asking just what she was doing working with Francesco Tristano – a known friend of Derrick May. Seeing that she runs the For The Music campaign, I pointed out this doesn’t look quite right – to which she responded in a video a few days later.

And just over a week later, I pointed out that she’d been spotted with Alan Oldham – another friend of Derrick May. This time around, no video was forthcoming. Infact, she deleted all her old posts on Instagram and refused to explain why to anyone who asked.

Curiously, she seemed more irritated by my criticism of her #ForTheMusic campaign than anything else. Which is why I note with interest she will be speaking at the Most Wanted: Music event due to take place in Germany’s capital city, Berlin, later today.

Perhaps this will be an opportunity for her to get the much-neglected campaign back on track? This blog happens to believe it’s a laudable campaign with honourable intentions – and has the potential to go far with a figurehead like Rebekah. Time to make a statement – goodness knows your campaign needs one…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.