Clubs come and clubs go. Some are barely missed, others are missed hugely. So when a club has been around for 30 years and then it’s no more, its impact is going to be big. And such is the case with Space Ibiza.

The club came into existence in 1986 and it was perfectly placed to take advantage of house music, which was starting to come out of the USA at the time. Space closed in 2016 after the lease on the building expired – the site is now occupied by Hï Ibiza.

Occasionally, rumours circulate that Space is coming back. And they usually turn out to be nothing, hence why I don’t report them. But the more I look at the latest, the more I think there’s something in it. Last Sunday, the Periodica De Ibiza published an image where the screen at Hard Road Cafe on the island promoted Space.

So what’s going on? The exact wording used is “Space Ibiza Dance”. Back in the day, these were the names for a triple CD compilation of Space classics released in 1996, and later compilations from 2000 and 2001. But it’s highly unlikely to be a reference to a compilation.

Elsewhere, I notice the calendar for the Hï Ibiza website brings back a “page not found” error when I tried to see listings for 2022. The only event they reference is one taking place in February – which is not inside the Ibiza season. Add to this talk of Pepe Roselló wanting to bring back Space and there might be something happening here.

Roselló has already confirmed the Space brand will be returning as a restaurant. And whilst he hasn’t said much about the nightclub, he hasn’t ruled out its return either. My conclusion? This smacks somewhat as a PR stunt – but my instinct is telling me something is going on in the background…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.