This blog has referenced, time and time again, that there are people working in the shadows of dance music. This is how they like it, because they’re not fans of scrutiny – and because these people hold a lot of power, the craven dance music press are happy to comply.

The exact reasons for liking the secrecy vary – for some, it’s as simple as preferring to try and keep things professional. But there is one who would prefer to remain in the shadows because he holds some incredibly dodgy views. And he doesn’t want me telling you who he is.

Attention has been paid recently to the fact many festivals seem to have an aversion to booking anyone who isn’t white or a man. So when this story arrived in my emails the other day from a very reliable source, I took notice.

The man in question here has been around for some years now, and is a promoter. He works in festivals, clubs and a few other venues when required. Recently, he was involved in discussions with one of the festivals he works with and the subject of increasing the diversity of lineups arose.

It was at this point the man in question disagreed and stated an obscene racial slur. He is reported to have said “I don’t want any f***ing n****rs on the lineup – they don’t sell. White people buy tickets to my festival to see other white people. The sales show it. And I’m f***ed if I’m going to hire a couple of black people just to avoid p***ing off the f***ing woke c****.”

When approached by Amateur’s House for comment, he said “I don’t know where the f*** you got this from, but well done. If you publish the story, you’re going to have my lawyers coming after you. Now f*** off”.

Note the complete lack of denial of the story. Make of that what you will…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.