Here in Britain, a political row developed last week after MPs voted to allow water companies to send more raw sewage out into rivers and oceans. But by the looks of it, the real crap must be in the water supply in Chicago – such is the extent of infighting in the city at the moment.

Last week, I reported on Jesse Saunders – who believes he made the first house record which was available to buy on vinyl – getting very worked up about claims Farley Jackmaster Funk, real name Farley Williams, made in a 1986 magazine that he unearthed.

And now, another Williams has come along and questioned Saunders’s interpretation of history. None other than Chosen Few DJs founder Wayne Williams. Oh, and did I say Wayne and Jesse are actually brothers?

I’ve been told more than once in the past, and strictly off the record, of there being more than a little scepticism of Saunders’ claims about his role in the formative days of house music. I also suspected this argument would appear in the open someday.

At the time of writing, Saunders has not responded to the second comment by Williams. I’m not quite sure whether conclusions could be drawn from that…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.