For Stuart Glen, one of the co-founders of Tottenham’s The Cause, this week is going to be one to forget. His nightclub has been told that the end is coming, and my sources in London say it’s much sooner than they originally anticipated.

Hence why they posted yesterday that details of their final swansong will be revealed next week. Whilst details aren’t known at present, I understand the developers at Ashley Road in the city are keen to get things moving in the New Year – which means the premises will likely be vacant before Christmas.

The Cause has its own loyal community who will miss it – many have made their feelings clear in the comments on this Instagram post. But for Glen, this bad news comes on top of problems elsewhere. Earlier in the year, he spoke about opening a new club called Ernie’s Yard in Newham.

It was heavily promoted back in March, and was due to open in July after the lifting of lockdown restrictions across England. But it has never opened – a source with knowledge of the project says they’ve come across “several unexpected and sizeable problems with the site”.

Add that to the negative publicity which surrounded the death of 21-year old Bill Hodgson after he fell ill on the premises, and it all adds up to a few months that Glen wouldn’t consider his finest…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.