Who approved THAT headline? Resident Advisor manage to conflate conservatism and the far right – and just end up looking very muddled indeed…

The dance music press is a very monotone world these days. It’s a great irony that in an era when they try to be as diverse as possible in their reporting of the scene, much of their coverage ends up being very similar and even more boring.

It also doesn’t help that dance music journalists tend to be on the left politically, with a broadly similar view of the world. And a disturbingly high number of them subscribe to the modern day disease of refusing to associate with anyone who doesn’t agree with everything they think.

Presumably this is how Resident Advisor thought they could get away with this disgraceful headline

Conservatives – and we’re talking about those with a small C, not the shower of a political party currently running Britain – are about as far

Dear oh dear. Conflating “conservatives” with the “far right” is just intellectually stupid. By definition, a conservative is someone who’s averse to change – but not under all circumstances. If a convincing case can be put forward for something based on logic, facts and fairness, conservatives tend not to be, well, so conservative in response.

In comparison, the far right are about forcing their way of life on others. They think their way of life is the right one and that everyone else should follow it too. It’s otherwise known as fascism – and we’ve seen plenty of examples in history where fascism works for the ruling minority, but doesn’t work so well for other minorities. And that’s putting it very mildly indeed.

Resident Advisor really should have exercised far greater editorial control when working out how they were going to present this news story. Heaven only knows what Whitney Wei and her team of sub-editors actually do all day…

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