One of the better things the internet has led to is the end of journalists being gatekeepers. Time was if you wanted your story to be told, you needed a journalist to do it – who in turn needed an editor to let them. Nowadays, you can bypass the whole machine and tell your story directly.

And journalists typically responded to this in one of two ways. The first is to bleat and complain whilst refusing to accept things have changed, probably however. The second is to accept it and become a better, more trustworthy journalist. People will keep sending you stories if they trust you to tell them fairly.

You can also do interviews with whoever you choose, making it easier to arrange and easier to release. Which is why when Graeme Park – a DJ for some 600 years – went to David Morales and asked if he fancied chatting with him for Haçienda In Conversation, Morales wasn’t going to say no.

Because as much as people say your mates won’t ask you any difficult questions, they also don’t turn up with a list of boxes to tick in the chase for a headline that’ll please their boss. Not that dance music journalists are the sort to ask difficult questions, of course – or even to do research into their subject’s background, come to think of it.

It’s on next Tuesday night, November 9th at 7pm UK time. I shall try to tune in

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.