We already had an idea what the human cost was of the Astroworld disaster late on Friday night. Eight people are confirmed as dead and some 300 people were checked over by the authorities for various cuts and bruises. But now, the names of the eight who perished are being released – and the words are harrowing.

One girl who died was called Brianna Rodriguez. She was only 16 years old – her family left a tribute saying “dancing was her passion and now she’s dancing her way to heaven’s pearly gates”. Or the story of 27-year old Danish Baig. He was killed whilst trying to save the life of his fiancé. Listen here to the grief-stricken, heartbroken words of his brother Basil.

I apologise if any of you out there have been upset by this – but when terrible events such as this happen, the human cost tends to be overshadowed. Over the next days and weeks, much will come out about the circumstances on the fateful day – and yes, it’s only right the details are inspected with a fine-tooth comb.

And the Americans don’t waste any time when it comes to these matters. According to Billboard, “Astroworld attendee Manuel Souza [is suing] Travis Scot himself, as well as organiser ScoreMore and concert giant Live Nation” and the case has already been filed with Harris County District Court. Something tells me there will be many, many more soon to follow.

So, are Astroworld going to stop hiding behind their lawyers – like they were with their initial response on Saturday? Judging by what I’ve seen since, no. It very much looks like the advice – actually, make that demands – of the legal department are to keep their mouths firmly shut and be seen to encourage everyone to co-operate with the police.

This one is going to run and run for a long time – and these legal actions could potentially have ramifications not just in the USA but elsewhere in the world, too. But let’s not forget that eight people died amidst all this – all aged between 14 and 27. They were taken far too early. That’s the biggest tragedy of them all…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.