From time to time, people crawl out of the woodwork to complain that this blog is not being fair to the subjects I write about. This is complete rubbish. With a lot of my posts, the subjects in question do receive an email or some form of contact ahead of publication with an offer of a right to reply. Anything which they do say is included in the article.

Most of those whom I contact choose not to say anything in response – and I’m of the view you can’t complain about how something about you was written up when you were contacted and declined to put forward your own point of view. Amateur’s House puts up no pretences of objectivity.

And this old-fashioned strategy of ignoring your emails appears to be what Scala are doing. Scala is a club based at King’s Cross in London – and this weekend, the electronic duo called Wargasm made utterly astonishing allegations about their treatment by security at the venue.

According to their account, “a bouncer was verbally aggressive to our female tour manager, leading to Sam [Matlock, one half of the duo] having to step in. After this, in a completely overzealous and unnecessary use of force, three bouncers dragged Sam into the backstage toilets, where two of them slammed his head against the toilet seat and held his head in the bowl whilst the third bouncer held the door closed with his foot”.

“At this point luckily, another member of our touring party was able to intervene and remove Sam from the situation – not without injury.” A photo is then provided where Matlock clearly has some bruises on his back.

Scala are currently refusing to respond to emails from Wargasm’s team. And by the looks of it, they’re also ignoring emails from people asking about the incident – a number of journalists whom I’ve contacted this morning reveal they’ve had no correspondence from Scala either.

I’m not exactly surprised. This is a common strategy, especially in the electronic music world. Many people in this world seem to think they exist in a vaccum and they’re accountable to no one.

But it’s like I keep saying. There is absolutely no point complaining about how you’re allegedly being portrayed in the press and on blogs when you don’t bother replying to emails asking for your own side of events… 

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.