Yesterday morning, I told you about a situation alleged to have taken place at the Scala in London’s Kings Cross. According to Wargasm, one half of the duo was treated viciously by the security’s venue, even putting his head against a toilet bowl at one point.

I emailed the venue to ask whether they’d like to comment. And Scala didn’t seem to want to say anything to me, or indeed to anyone else. Their strategy seemed to be to keep their heads down and ride out the storm. It was just a load of nonsense circulating on social media, right?

Er, not exactly. Because at noon yesterday, they tweeted this…

It appears Scala employ the same evasive morons who do the PR stuff for Astroworld. Here we see yet another mealy mouthed response which curiously fails to deny the allegations made. I also note they seem to have made no contact with the duo in question.

But one other thought does come to mind. Why did it take until noon on Monday to respond to allegations originally made at 6pm on a Sunday? That’s 18 hours they took to conjure up this pathetic response. Well, I might be able to assist with this query.

A source at Scala tells me that what swayed the venue to make a comment on social media barely referencing the controversy was a phone call a little earlier in the morning from a BBC News journalist. Once they realised the British state broadcaster was due to run the story, they were forced to abandon their silence.

And people say no one takes notice of the BBC…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.