Since March 2020, the USA has effectively been closed to the world. The nation’s borders were sealed off from the rest of the world after the extent of how much Covid-19 was spreading became evident. Unless you were doing very specific work in the country or received an invite from the US government, you could forget about visiting.

Yesterday, this changed. The exact entry rules vary, but most over 18s need to show evidence of being double jabbed and a negative test (lateral and PCR both seem to be okay) no older than three days young. Which has led to an intriguing situation over at Farmington Hills in Detroit.

Derrick May is reportedly wondering when his girlfriend Sofia Tsagaraki, whom he less than affectionately calls his “passport”, is coming over to the USA. One of my regular sources in Detroit mentions the subject arose recently – confirming this blog’s previous posts about the two having rekindled their relationship.

And as for whether Derrick May was going to pop the question? When recently asked about it, he reportedly waffled on for a while whilst pointedly failing to make a denial. But like I’ve heard so many times with May, “it was hard to tell if he was joking or not”.

But there might yet be a fly in the ointment. The rules state that passengers entering the USA must be fully vaccinated against Covid – and this is where the plan could yet fail. Because May doesn’t actually know whether Tsagaraki is vaccinated, and isn’t quite sure how to ask.

A source tells me it’s a particularly awkward dilemma for May, saying “Derrick’s got anti-vax views. He hasn’t been vaccinated, as far as I know. So how the f*** is he going to tell Sofia she must get vaccinated if he hasn’t had it himself?”

Nothing’s ever simple in the world of Derrick May…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.