The more stories which emerge from Friday night at the Astroworld festival in Texas, the more of a shambles everything appears to be. One of the security guards present that night has declared the venue was “severely understaffed”.

Houston Police chief Troy Finner expressed “my concerns about public safety” to Scott personally BEFORE the event took place. And the fire-fighters couldn’t even speak on radio to the medical providers at the venue.

If all of these allegations are true, this is fast moving away from being a terrible accident into being an accident waiting to happen. Travis Scott, Drake – who also appeared that evening – and Live Nation are already facing a number of legal suits.
Several of them are being initiated by a lawyer called Ben Crump. His name is familar to many Stateside – so allow me to take a moment to tell everyone else why he should be feared.

Benjamin Lloyd Crump, to use his full name, was previously involved with countless high profile cases. For example, he represented a number of plaintiffs behind the Johnson & Johnson baby powder case.

It was all to do with allegations the talc-based powders caused cancers and contained asbestos. To date, the matter has cost Johnson & Johnson billons of pounds – with no guarantee yet more legal action could be forthcoming.

In other words, this is a man who’s used to dealing with big cases which are going to get a lot of public attention. If I were the likes of Travis Scott or anyone else who’s currently being sued over the tragedy a few days ago, I wouldn’t be sleeping very well right now…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.