Oh, how I do like the Muzik mag bot account on Twitter. It’s such a useful insight into a different time in dance music – when the scene was filled with interesting people and characters who had something worth saying, not the drones and bores that make up much of it today.

Back in January 1996, they published a letter from Eddie Colon, the boss at One Records. In it, he references a feud between Roger Sanchez and Masters At Work – which had me wondering what on earth he was on about. And thanks to the wonder that is the internet, it didn’t take me long to find out.

All 99 issues of Muzik Magazine are available to download as PDF files, giving a unique insight into dance music during the period between 1995 and 2003. The November 1995 issue contains an interview where Roger Sanchez is being interviewed – and because this was during the days journalists actually dared ask difficult questions, the subject is mentioned. Here’s the section in its entirety…

The feud appears to be to over a sample that Roger Sanchez used on his 1995 “Livin’ 4 The Underground EP”. It appears Kenny Gonzalez used the same sample on a Bucketheads record and the Masters At Work guys subsequently pressured him to pull his release.

As Mike Delgado pointed out a few months ago, these things were often resolved back in the day in one of two ways. Either they discussed it “like gentlemen, or you could do it another way”. And in the meantime, it provided dance music magazines with no end of amusing articles.

A quick look on social media reveals the feud has had potentially long-lasting consequences – the Masters At Work duo don’t follow Sanchez anywhere. Sanchez follows Gonzalez on Instagram – but it certainly isn’t mutual…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.