Quite a few months ago now, this blog published an account by a plague rave DJ of his activities during the pandemic. The deal was simple – I would allow him to publish his story totally unedited. In exchange, I would get to do a Q&A on him and he’d keep his anonymity.

The agency weren’t best pleased when they found out he’d spoken to me and tried to get me to sign a gagging order to prevent any more disclosures. After telling them several times to get lost, they stopped contacting me – and a few weeks ago, they paid out a five figure sum in an out of court settlement after someone brought a case against them.

Well, it appears they’re trying to fight off several other cases at the moment – and a second one has now been settled. Again, it’s another five figure sum, but it’s likely to be significantly closer to six figures by the time all the legal fees associated with the case are paid – and they’re coughing up legal costs for both sides as part of the deal.

The circumstances of the case are surprisingly similar to the first. Whilst I can’t reveal all the details for legal reasons, the gist of it is this woman caught Covid-19 at a party organised by this agency – at which the plague rave DJ was present – and she ended up on a ventilator for three weeks. A contact tracing team was able to prove almost definitively that she contracted the virus there.

I reached out to the plague rave agency – which they hate being called, apparently – and asked them if they’d like to comment on their latest payout. The response from the boss? He simply said “F*** off. And you can stick that on your s*** little blog. C***.”.

Calm and composed as ever…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.