Someone at Resident Advisor is trolling me. This sounds an outlandish claim, so please allow me to explain. Last Monday, this blog published an article talking about the job creation spree taking place at the beleaguered online publication. Opportunities included a new “city manager” based in the coastal city of Barcelona – working a less than impressive five hours per week.

And what are they doing now? Late on Friday, they announced another new job had been created – a nice contrast to the job-losing machine the company became as the pandemic started to bite. Yes, they’re now looking for a “Content Intern” – presumably in the work internship sense than the interned in prison sense.

So what will the successful candidate have to actually do?

Well, the “enthusiastic person” will be given “a chance to explore and understand our operational and editorial output from the inside”, doing research and “ideation” – which is a posh word for coming up with stuff they can put on the website, something which I do every single day of the week!

You’ll also get to follow writers around as they do whatever it is they do – probably annoying the hell out of your fellow whippersnapper in the process – and write stuff for their social media platforms. But one thing mysteriously absent from the job description is fetching the coffee.

According to a source who has previously worked at Resident Advisor’s offices in London, they’re big coffee drinkers in the building. They told me “There’s no end of coffee shops in Haggerston, and you’d know it by looking inside the offices. Most mornings, there was a permanent smell of coffee in some parts of the building. A skinny latte was the favourite for most people working there – though I’ve always been more of a cappuccino sort of person myself. Going on a coffee run used to be a way of winning people over fast at Resident Advisor”.

Should the successful candidate be reading this in the future and that worked, you can thank me later…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.