I personally like to see a bit of tradition on Christmas Day. That includes seeing presents under the tree, eating a well-stuffed turkey for my lunch, chomping down on far more chocolate than is good for you – although I do dread the moment when all the sprout munchers start farting.

I also happen to be quite comfortable with the fact pretty much everything is closed on Christmas Day. We live in a world where shops are open at night, open on a Sunday and the rest. Indeed, I’ve never understood why some people buy ridiculous amounts of food simply because the shops will be closed for 24 hours.

And frankly, who’d want to go out shopping after eating a dinner so large it makes entire tables groan under the weight of it? I can only think of one thing even less appealing – going clubbing. Stuffing my face full of food makes me want to sleep, not dance.

Danny Tenaglia, however, appears to see things differently. Hence why he’s DJing at Hard & Soul on Christmas Day. Somewhat unsurprisingly, no other DJ fancies working that night, so he’s got the venue to himself for seven hours from 10pm. Tickets are on Resident Advisor… but I personally can’t think of anything I’d like to do less on Christmas night.

Even if that means being in the company of people who’ve eaten too many Brussels sprouts…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.