This blog is known for expressing a strong opinion on matters dance music and beyond. I’m not objective in any way and nor do I think I should insult the intelligence of by feigning that I am. The way it works is simple – I have an opinion, I express that opinion and others are welcome to agree or disagree with it.

And one particular post from Friday has attracted some criticism because of the viewpoint expressed in it. So I decided to have another think about this – and this is what I’ve concluded.

When I said that going clubbing on Christmas Day sounded like my worst nightmare, I was speaking on behalf of myself and no one else. I think it’s a horrid prospect and it’s not something you’d ever find me doing. Perhaps I didn’t make this clear enough in my initial post.

I fully accept the claims from those who say that going clubbing on Christmas Day for them would be a welcome break. Not everyone likes Christmas – I liked it as a child, felt indifferent later on, hated it for a few years and now like it again because I have three of my own children. Christmas is obviously not the same for everyone and each person should obviously do what works for them.

For me, what works is sitting at home on Christmas night watching rubbish TV, drinking an alcoholic tipple or two and wondering when the recycling centre opens again so I can get rid of all the cardboard the presents were surrounded in barely 24 hours. And for now, I wouldn’t have it any other way – but I entirely agree that not everyone has this kind of experience.

Each to their own. And if anyone out there is going to Danny Tenaglia’s Christmas Day show, feel free to send me an email telling me why…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.