When the Business Teshno account first appeared on Twitter, I liked what I saw. They had this rebellious streak and weren’t afraid to annoy powerful people – they reminded me a little of myself. And when they weren’t exposing plague rave DJs, they spent their time writing stories which made some people feel uncomfortable.

However, times have changed. Nightlife has reopened in most countries now – which has left Business Teshno somewhat bereft of content in recent months. But instead of patting themselves on a job well done and sailing into the sunset, they’ve decided to start writing other subjects.

And it isn’t going too well. Their most recent post is about how everyone who criticises Carl Cox and Jeff Mills for attending must be a horrible racist. It can’t possibly to do with Carl Cox being a very high profile name who you’d expect better from or Jeff Mills being the only one who tried to defend his decision – it must be white people not liking black people, right?

What utterly insulting nonsense. Mills deserves every word of criticism being sent to him because his defence was patronising and borderline insulting. And if Business Teshno has me in his sights, I’ve also criticised David Guetta heavily for his involvement – and named numerous others too.

I think any DJ with any type of conscience would have declined the invitation to play in Saudi Arabia – and I strongly suspect some of them are doing it purely for the money. I might have a tiny scintilla of respect for any DJ on the lineup who publicly admitted this was why they were doing it. It might be grubby as far as reasons go, but at least they could claim they were honest.

If Business Teshno thinks that their future is in blogging, here’s a few pieces of advice from someone who’s clearly better at it than you. Write regularly, try having something interesting to say, ditch the lofty behaviour and utilise the sense of mischief your Twitter account became known for…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.