Christmas is on its way. Nearly every advert on TV makes some sort of reference to it, the shops are full of food ready for the big day itself and kids are getting excited about the big boned bearded man in red coming down the chimney. And amidst all this, everyone’s trying to get those extra sales in to see them through January.

So it’s of little surprise to see the same thing in dance music. My Facebook feed is currently littered with adverts for new software or hardware which I might want for Christmas – Mark Zuckerberg obviously hasn’t yet noticed I haven’t produced anything new since the spring. And record labels are no exception.

Here’s the Nervous Records offering for this Christmas…

Yes, it’s an overpriced baseball cap for $29.99 including the cost of shipping it. It’s not the least bit Christmassy – there’s not even a bit of tinsel to go with it. Still, perhaps I should just be grateful for the fact it’s not being “modelled” by a scantily clad lady who’s not even wearing it…

I note with interest that Nervous will deliver it anywhere. Even Kim Jong-un’s palatial address in Pyongyang comes up.

Perfect for hiding any unapproved haircuts

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.