This blog works on the basis that the majority of big name DJs are idiots. Many of them go around the world collecting huge amounts of money playing what is, at best, average music. There’s no soul in what they do and very little passion for anything other than checking the bank balance after the gig.

As I say, not all of the big name DJs are in this category. But most of them are. And occasionally, one of them does something which indisputably proves their status as financially rich but also painfully lacking in brain cell numbers. And Maceo Plex – yes, he of the plague raves – can now officially receive his Amateur’s House blue tick for being a verified moron.

Last weekend at a gig in Warung Beach in Brazil, Plex – or Eric Estornel – performed an act which showed that being alive for 43 years has not yet given him a sense of right and wrong. He took a drink from a glass at the gig and then what did he do with the aforementioned glass?

He only went and threw it into the audience. Business Teshno have the scoop on Twitter…

Unbeknown to him, a woman was injured thanks to his utterly stupid glass chucking antics. The club in question has now been given VIP tickets for life, presumably as a way of apologising for the incident. But when will Estornel accept his responsibility for what happened?

I understand he’s posted a video on the club’s Facebook page saying sorry – which frankly isn’t good enough. Because it comes across more as damage limitation than anything else to me. If Estornel was serious about his apology, he would have contacted the woman in question privately to make amends.

And don’t expect him to answer any questions on the saga. Whenever anyone points out things he doesn’t like, he responds on social media by blocking them. Like many DJs in the higher echelons, he considers himself unaccountable to everyone else – and the depressing thing amidst all this is to an extent, he’s right.

Because rest assured that absolutely no journalist who wants to get ahead in the sycophantic world of music journalism will dare ask him about it. They know full well it would mean their publication gets cut off from future interviews or any exclusive first listens of any music he puts out.

They all know how the game works. And if Maceo Plex ends up being punished in any way at all for his utter stupidity, that would be more than a little surprising…

Update – a message from Maceo Plex himself…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.