One thing about email which particularly bugs me is spelling mistakes. I can forgive them to an extent on messaging services – the communication is more instant and mistakes more likely. But email? When you can check it over as many times as you like before sending it out, not so much.

The person at the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) who wrote an email sent out to everyone on their mailing list last night seems oblivious of such things. They decided that a Saturday night was the best time of the week to send out an email urging everyone to pester their MPs with identikit emails complaining about England’s introduction of vaccine passports.

Personally, I prefer to spend my Saturday evening savoring a delicious takeaway and relaxing with a nice cider on the side as opposed to creating emails my MP will take no notice of, but each to their own. And they want you to help stop Plan B from being implemented by urging “supporters to contact there constituent MPs”…

Dodgy grammar and unnecessary capitalisation of certain words aside, there are a few other issues here. Firstly, the website does not make clear that Plan B applies specifically to England – other parts of the UK already have such rules in place. And the facility on the site allows you to send emails to any constituency MP in the UK.

There’s also real questions to be asked as to why it took the NTIA three whole days to put this together. The announcement was made on Wednesday evening, yet this didn’t go out until Saturday night. And members outside of England are also entitled to ask why the NTIA failed to raise any objections to vaccine passports being introduced in the UK’s other nations.

The Night Time Industries Association has been contacted for comment. They’ve never replied to an email from me to date – but if the leopard changes its spots, I’ll let you all know…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.