This blog frequently talks about the fact that many of the big name DJs live on a different planet to the rest of us. They’re like this because they spend all their time on the road, travelling from one venue to the next being paid stupid amounts of money. And they’re typically surrounded by people who always tell them they’re right.

And on the rare occasions they do something wrong, they either try to defend it really badly – Mr Jeffery Eugene Mills comes to mind, doesn’t he? – or they manage to mess up their attempt at an apology. Which brings us to the subject of Maceo Plex.

Taking to Instagram to publish his little statement – the exact same one which was sent to a number of dance music press outlets requesting comment – he said this…

It starts off well, with an acceptance he shouldn’t have done what he did. Then came the justification of it being a plastic cup, followed by an explanation of how he was actually the victim now – because he’d already apologised and this was now big bad social media coming after him.

No, they were just holding you to account over your own utterly stupid actions. And then he mentions the most bizarre thing of all. He points out that “I usually throw my headphones for some people to catch”. Because this is obviously perfectly normal and carries no risk of injuring anyone either.

I don’t know whether Plex wrote this apology himself or got his PR person to do it – but whoever did is oblivious to the fact this makes him look like a moron. And a massively overpaid one at that – how much money must this man charge per gig if he’s able to afford a new pair of headphones for every single one?

Still, this gives me an idea. Perhaps in the future, Maceo will bring various things he can throw at the crowd who paid good money to see him. Chucking a cake is obviously out – that particular speciality belongs to Steve Aoki – but there must be other options.

His followers could even vote each week on what they’d like to see being fired towards clubbers who are there to listen to his anodyne brand of music. There could even be a special prize for the person who suggests the weirdest thing for Plex to fling at his paying public.

And when he inevitably gets sued? Just speak to the lawyer Aoki used when it happened to him…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.