I have to admit to displaying some hesitation before making the decision to publish this story. Typically, this blog doesn’t care about personal questions like how someone looks or what they weigh – I prefer to concentrate on the things they’re actually doing or not doing. But I’ve thought about this and concluded – let’s publish and be damned!

The anti-vaxxer movement of which Danny Rampling circulates these days consists of a broad church of people. But there are a few things which many have in common – for example, the insistence that their immune system will deal with Covid-19 if it ever darkens their door. Another one is that people should look after themselves by eating healthy food and doing exercise – which is a masterclass in stating the bleeding obvious.

And that’s where Mr Rampling comes in. A few sources have now told me that there are murmurs within the anti-vaxxer moonbeam movement about Danny Rampling’s weight. Some of the people who frequently attend protests with him say that he isn’t looking his healthiest right now and are expressing concern.

One source told me “A few of Danny’s friends are worried about him right now. He constantly looks tired, he doesn’t have as much energy as he used to and he’s definitely put on a few pounds. Some of us think it’s the stress of the past two years that’s doing it to him, but either way, we’re concerned. Christmas being just days away doesn’t help either”.

Whereas another person put it somewhat less eloquently. This person, who knows him personally, said  “The only thing Danny hasn’t let go of lately is his knife and fork. I know him and I like him, but he needs to get his arse back on the saddle and do more gigs. He’s got f*** all to do all day and it’s really starting to f***ing show”.

They seem a nice bunch…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.