You might remember that yesterday, I told you about Judge Jules and his then forthcoming appearance on popular ITV game show The Chase. That went out tonight at 5.30pm and before you ask, yes, I watched it. The fact it’s my favourite game show helps.

The beauty of these celebrity specials is you can never quite tell which way it’s going to go. Whilst I strongly suspect one or two of the questions on the celebrity editions are a tad easier than the regular show, how things ultimately go is decided on who gets what right, and when.

So how did Jules do? Well, the first contestant – Jenni Falconer – had put £9000 in the pot and then it was the turn of the judge. He scored a healthy £6000 in the cash builder – meaning he got six questions correct during the one minute round – and then beat chaser Jenny Ryan. Not a bad result.

But the best bit of all? At the end of the game, there was an astonishing £200,000 in the prize pot. They had to beat a chaser one more time. All four players answered questions for two minutes, then the chaser had to try and beat that target. But 20 was too high a target for the chaser.

Now, four charities are £50,000 richer at Christmas. And people say I only publish bad news…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.