Cast your mind back to the summer months. You might remember a campaign targeted at Prime Minister Boris Johnson to #LetUsDance. It was a campaign launched by the Night Time Industries Association and utilised elsewhere – in particular by Save Our Scene UK.

Since July 19th – the date nightclubs across England were permitted to reopen, with Scotland and Wales opening them the following month – the campaign has been put into a long hiatus. But it turns out it wasn’t a permanent one. Yes, it’s made a comeback – and not a very grand one at that.

An email arrived in my inbox just after 9am on Christmas Eve from the NTIA telling me all about it. The news was embargoed until 11am to give everyone time to write stuff ahead of time. Which is an utterly terrible idea because most journalists working on Christmas Eve are up to their eyes in work already.

That’s why you’re only hearing the news on this blog today. Do they seriously think people, bar possibly journalists scheduled to work through the festive season, are going to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day writing about their campaign?

Then again, what did I honestly expect? These are the people who previously sent an email out at 11pm on a Sunday to get replies for a survey by noon on Monday. I know this is all time sensitive, but this is just ridiculous.

I was hoping for a quiet week on the blog. Fat chance…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.