Since the announcement from the government last Monday that England’s “Freedom Day” was being postponed, a lot of seemingly sensible music types have lost their marbles. The Twitter feed of the normally well-mannered Low Steppa, for example, currently resembles that of a man who shouts at cows.

And Solardo even suggested an illegal rave in London. Now it appears that Save The Scene UK have decided to do this for real – and they’ve lined up a number of DJs who seem to think that effectively holding an illegal rave on the streets of London isn’t going to affect their careers.

Eats Everything, the aforementioned Low Steppa, Hannah Wants and quite a few names I’ve never heard of are doing the event. Frankly, I can’t help but wonder who’s advising them. Doing illegal raves might have been the done thing back in 1988 – at a time when infection rates have been going up, I can’t help but think this just looks like one gigantic temper tantrum.

I also notice the attempt to garner a respectability for the event that they do not deserve. A source tells me that Save The Scene UK originally planned to hold the event on Saturday but changed their minds after discovering a bigger protest was happening in the city. They didn’t want to be associated with anti-vaxxers and dingbats who think washing their hands is how Nazi Germany started.

Given the numbers of them in dance music already, that boat has long sailed…

By The Editor

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