Whenever you make a decision to criticise someone for something, you’re effectively pointing the finger at them. Maybe even more than one finger – and when you do this, you must accept there’s a distinct possibility someone will point a finger back at you. This is especially true if your own record on a subject isn’t squeaky clean.

It’s with this in mind that I return to the subject of Brian Eno. You might recall that Boxing Day on the blog started with a piece regarding his opinions that artists who used NFTs were “little capitalist arseholes”. I won’t go over my opinion on what he said again, as I really don’t have anything else to add.

But I will happily point a finger back in his direction – because in the week where he made these comments, he displayed an alarming lack of self-awareness. Just days earlier, he announced the launch of a brand new product. Well, I say brand new – it’s actually this…

It’s a turntable with colour-changing LEDs. And it’s made out of acrylic – no, I have no idea why, either – has an 18mm clear platter and only 50 of them have been made. And how much does it cost? Er, funnily enough, it doesn’t say. If you head to Paul Stolper’s website – this is the name of the gallery whom he collaborated with for the project – you’ll discover that no price is listed.

Eno and Stolper appear to be operating on the age old principle of “if you have to ask how much this costs, you probably can’t afford it”. It’s no wonder Eno can talk about “little capitalist arseholes” – it’s an area he has form in…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.