After Marc Kinchen becomes the latest convert to the NFT phenomenon (after a phone call with Steve Aoki, of all people!) – isn’t the truth that you can sell any old rubbish on the platform?

MK is a man with an interesting history. He started out at Kevin Saunderson's KMS Records back in 1989 and spent a few years learning his trade. A remix job for an obscure Scottish band called The Nightcrawlers - made at an airport with very little equipment after the label…

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Does it take one to know one? Brian Eno dismisses artists who use NFTs as “little capitalist arseholes” whilst flogging a fancy LED turntable – and if you have to ask for the price, you probably can’t afford it!

Whenever you make a decision to criticise someone for something, you’re effectively pointing the finger at them. Maybe even more than one finger - and when you do this, you must accept there’s a distinct possibility someone will point a finger back at you. This is especially true if your…

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