It might be a brand new year and everyone might well now be packing away the dreary song that is Auld Lang Syne until the next New Year’s Eve, but some old habits from 2021 continue to linger. This one involves people in the dance music world making legal threats when caught bang to rights.

A pretty well-known house DJ known to post anti-vax on his social media channels occasionally threatened to sue this blog if I published his name alongside this story – despite essentially admitting the story is true. And the only reason I’m keeping his identity under wraps is because I don’t have bottomless pockets.

The DJ in question was recently photographed attending an event in a country where it’s essential to display evidence of having been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to gain entry. It should be noted that he was attending the venue as a guest with a few friends, and not because he was working there.

I then emailed the venue to ask whether they grant any exceptions to the rules, to which they replied with “Absolutely not. Anyone who wants entry into the premises must provide evidence of full vaccination or evidence they’re explicitly not allowed to receive a vaccination on medical grounds. As a business which has been badly affected by Covid-19, we are making absolutely no exceptions to this rule”.

A pretty emphatic answer there – and my enquiries have confirmed that not only is he fully vaccinated, he also got a booster jab last month – with my source confirming he went in the early hours of the morning to reduce the odds of being spotted.

And the DJ’s response? In an email, he told me “You’ve got to understand some of the s*** I post on social media is just for likes and clicks. I didn’t mean those Covid posts, I was told to do it. You name me on your site, you’re gonna hear from my lawyer”.

You can make your own minds up on this one…

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By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.