If what you want to read about isn’t being written, do the job yourself. This is why this blog came into existence – I was fed up of reading the sanitised dance music news delivered by mostly third rate whippersnapper journalists who think they’re the scene’s gatekeepers. Whereas I write about what I like, and you can make your own mind up.

And it appears another person who’s similarly tired of being unable to say what he wants is blog favourite Mr Scott Diaz. Yes, the Brighton-based house and garage making machine has started his own blog – and makes some big promises in the first ever post of the grand souning The Scott Diaz Journal.

He tells us that “nothing is more boring to me than sanitised artists who don’t have the capacity to have an original f***ing thought about anything”, suggesting many of them are “worried about the potential PR ramifications” amongst other things. And he also points out, and this is where some people really should listen, “this s*** was built on rebellion”.

I know exactly what he means. For example, I occasionally get contacted by PR companies asking if I’d like to write about their client – sometimes even offering me interviews directly. So far, I’ve turned down every single one of these – and the reason is invariably because upon researching them online, I quickly discover they have nothing remotely interesting to say.

These people forget they’re ultimately in the entertainment business. People go out clubbing because they consider it their form of entertainment – but many of the people behind the decks are completely afraid to show any aspect of their personality to anyone. It’s ridiculous, and even worse, it’s unhealthy – not just to the public, but to the DJs themselves.

But what will Diaz publish on his shiny new blog? He promises “musings on the modern music business” – a wide topic, and one that I do some stuff on myself. Given, however, that Diaz is one of the better communicators we have in house music today, you could do a lot worse than follow his blog.

Rest assured I shall be…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.