Early last summer, your favourite blog ran a story all about comments made on social media by Damon C Scott. He was the man who sung on Morgan Geist’s Storm Queen project – “Look Right Through” was originally released in 2010, then picked up by Defected and remixed by Marc Kinchen two years later.

It did rather well – unusually for these days, I still remember the first time I heard the new MK mixes. So the heartfelt comments from Scott revealing he’d never earned a single penny from the track. I covered it here at the time, but here are Scott’s exact words again…

Yet over the weekend, Defected ran a video on their Facebook page showing Scott singing the song at an underground rail station, acapella style. It’s an incredible vocal performance – that isn’t something I’m denying here. But knowing Defected are plugging this whilst he’s made nothing out of it leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Now, there is no suggestion here that Defected are guilty of any impropriety here. Far from it – things like this happen a lot in the music business, and it can be something as simple as one number or letter of a name being wrong somewhere in the system resulting in no payment being made. And I do know Defected are one of the most thorough in the business for doing these things by the book.

All the same, perhaps there’s something the extremely well-connected Simon Dunmore could do to help. I’m all in favour of seeing past glories promoted – and it feels even better knowing everyone involved has got what they’re due…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.