The beauty of the internet is you never quite know who might be reading what you write. I learnt this many years ago in a previous blogging life when the subject of an article contacted me to thank me for writing something more accurate than was appearing in the press at the time.

I’ve also been contacted by a few people complaining about things I’ve said – for example, Mutya Buena of the Sugababes wasn’t pleased with an article I published asking why she wasn’t more involved in promoting a single. So the idea that the subjects of my posts could be reading them does not generally bother me.

Which means my reaction to finding out Carl Craig has been reading my blog is one of amusement. Take a look at the post I did the other day if you haven’t seen it, then feast your eyes on his Instagram post afterwards…

It’s a nice bit of deflection from Craig, of course. Perhaps he’s making himself feel better by declaring that I somehow must possess some kind of hatred for him or be jealous of his position. It’s a pretty standard response to criticism from people like Craig – a group who aren’t used to being criticised or even mildly questioned.

For the record, I have absolutely zero interest in becoming the next Carl Craig, as he offers on his course. And it’s not just because he wears a do-rag despite having as much hair as a balloon on his head. No, it’s because of the bizarre devotion to Derrick May – my sources in Detroit describe their friendship as “weird on several levels”.

One tells me that “Carl basically thinks he owes his career to Derrick. People didn’t take Carl seriously until Derrick started playing his music, and he thinks he owes him his loyalty because of it.” – and rest assured they aren’t the only one who’ve expressed the same sentiments.

The question of why a winner like Carl Craig continues to back a loser like Derrick May remains to be answered…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.