This blog welcomes the prospect of Daniel Ek not having a particularly good start to the week. And it looks like he’s about to get that. A few months ago, a parliamentary committee in the UK was looking at the way the major labels operated – and it didn’t go very well for them.

They’re now facing a probe from the Competition and Markets Authority to see whether they’re playing fair over streaming. Exactly what the scope of the probe will be remains to be seen – but that hasn’t stopped other groups, like independent label representatives Impala from making helpful suggestions.

And one of those is the idea of investigating Spotify’s Discovery Mode. The idea behind this is simple – Spotify will push your music up the algorithm in exchange for a lower royalty rate. Quite what would happen if everyone on the site opted in immediately is something no one at the company obviously considered.

Congress in the United States is already looking into the feature – and the probe is ongoing. A country with as large a contribution to the music world as the UK doing the same thing would spell more bad news for the platform. Let’s see if we can finally find out why Daniel Ek so hates the people who made him rich…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.