If ever a story showed just how absurd the DJ world sometimes gets, this one surely must be it. ReSolute in New York were holding an event on New Year’s Eve which promised a sumptuous seven course dinner and music. The menu can be seen below and I have to admit I’d probably be more than willing to gobble up the lot.

It starts off with Genovese focaccia and baked olives before proceeding into pasta with chickpeas – culminating in the end with a caramelised panna cotta and the one thing on the menu I could happily pass on, whipped goats cheese. It’s just not for me, I’m sorry to say – but the rest sounded delightful.

The menu was curated by DJ Tennis, otherwise known as 52-year old Manfredi Romano – who was indeed a chef in his past life. All this food and music afterwards was going to cost $200 – and from what I’ve been told, plenty of people were willing to pay. But what was the deal with the music? Would DJ Tennis be treating the diners to a set afterwards to dance away the calories?

It turns out he wasn’t. According to an email seen by Business Teshno and verified as genuine by two of my own sources, they said “Due to scheduling conflicts, DJ Tennis will not be in attendance at the actual dinner. He will however be in the kitchen earlier in the day preparing for the event”.

So instead of treating the good people of New York to a set, he ventured over to the Mexican city of San José Del Cabo to welcome in the New Year. But there’s more – the email reveals that “the music and entertainment for the night will include… a special playlist curated by DJ Tennis which will be mixed by some of our favourite ReSolute resident DJs”.

Meaning one of the resident DJs was handed a piece of paper and told to play what was on it to the diners. And whilst they were enjoying “Sicilian food with a twist”, as Tennis put it, the man himself was eating the best of Mexico’s own cuisine – over 3000 miles away…

Hat tip goes to Business Teshno over this story.

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.