Which American DJ was responsible for clogging up a toilet and leaving a particularly malodorous stink at his New Year’s Eve gig? And yes, I’m aware there have been quite a few bathroom related rumours in this column of late, but this one was simply too good to ignore!

Having arrived at the venue at around 8.30pm for a set due to start at 10pm, he spent a little time enjoying the hospitality and a lot of the time eating large amounts of buffet style food laid on by management for the staff and DJs working that night. Which it turns out wasn’t a problem, as management had ordered far too much anyway, I’m told.

Around half an hour before his set began, the DJ let out a very loud fart. Telling his hosts he would need the toilet before starting his set, a member of staff showed him to a room which contained a lavatory exclusively for his own use. The DJ then duly disappeared and returned some 10 minutes later.

Anyway, he finished his set just into the early hours of New Year’s Day and left rather quickly, claiming he had to catch a flight to his next destination. The following morning, a cleaner visited the room where he’d been to the toilet before and discovered that the DJ hadn’t flushed it.

But it got worse. Not only did he managed to clog up the entire toilet, the appalling smell reportedly made no less than three members of the cleaning staff faint…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.