Which DJ recently found a post in the Amateur’s House archive and ended up going on an almighty rant truly worthy of an online parody? A friend who witnessed his reaction got in touch and decided to tell me this intriguing tale.

The story started in the office of the DJ. He was on his laptop and asked the friend for information on a particular topic – which I sadly can’t divulge. As his friend didn’t know, the DJ headed over to Google. And sure enough, the world’s largest search engine sent him over to this blog.

But before doing so, he proceeded finish ranting about the fact that “f***ing Mixmag and Resident F***ing Advisor didn’t cover this”. And unfortunately, when he visited this site, he didn’t like my write up of the story either – pointing to a number of “facts” he thought were “bull****”.

According to the friend who was present in the office at the time – or should that be bunker? – the DJ ranted for some time. His exact words to me were “If you’ve ever seen Hitler Rants Parodies on YouTube, you’ll notice the scene where Hitler realises he’s lost the war. The rant was exactly like that – and [the DJ] even threw his pencil at the table”…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.