So the dance music world is currently getting very excited about the news Ibiza’s nightclubs will be open for business again this year. Events are already scheduled for April, with rumours swirling around the 2022 season is going to be the longest one ever in the history of the world – or something similar.

Now, this sense of anticipation is rather understandable in the circumstances. Nightclubs have had a terrible few years in Ibiza, with the last two seasons effectively being almost entirely a write off. So people being keen to get back into the swing of things on the island after some two years of living with various restrictions does make sense.

However, this blog would be doing you a disservice by joining in the frenzy. I think a few words of caution need to be mentioned. Firstly, much of this reopening is very much dependent on Omicron basically being the last big wave of the virus. It’s certainly possible it could be – but I’m no virologist. And I suspect most of those reporting this story aren’t either.

Secondly, I think DJs, managers, promoters and the rest need to take a look at England as a cautionary tale. When Boris Johnson allowed nightclubs to reopen in July last year, they were incredibly busy for the first few weeks. Then after that, they’ve suffered from falling attendances – down by as much as 40% in some cases. Who’s to say Ibiza will be immune from this?

Thirdly, there are economic realities to consider. Only this week, the UK announced the cost of living had risen by the highest amount in some 30 years. Other countries are experiencing similar things, partly due to the economy readjusting to increased demand as restrictions ease off. With the cost of living set to continue being a problem, how many people will have the money for a holiday in Ibiza?

And fourthly, over to my industry insider. He got in touch with me last night and simply said “Ibiza isn’t the cash cow it used to be. I was there in 2019 with a few friends and a round of cocktails for five of us cost over €200. It’s no wonder Croatia, Brazil and places like that are where the future lies. Still, at least the Ibiza corpse gets to fart one last time”.

Hey, I just report what he says…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.