There are an awful lot of DJs in the upper echelons of dance music who filled their quiet time during the pandemic by training themselves up as virologists. Or so you’d be forgiven for thinking – although most aren’t quite stupid enough to at least publicly remain quiet.

Thankfully, a few managed to keep their marbles. Well, mostly. When he isn’t accepting gigs from festivals that are least partially funded by a dreadful regime, Carl Cox spoke out against plague raves – and also spoke up in favour of getting the Covid-19 vaccination. This drove the anti-vaxxers crazy, something which I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing.

He’s now just announced he’ll be starting a tour of North America in the next few weeks, starting in Mexico before travelling to various corners of the USA – although stricter coronavirus rules imposed in Canada appear to mean they’ve been left out. And it’s worth taking a closer look at the places the tour is going to…

The dates in Brooklyn have caused some surprise. The city of New York currently requires proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 for everyone going to nightclubs – this includes staff, security and the DJs appearing. Recent infection is not accepted for entry, nor is a negative Covid test of any kind. Quite simply, if you’re not jabbed, New York’s nightclubs won’t let you in.

Exactly what you think of such a policy is up to you, dear reader. But it does, at the least, confirm one thing – at least one DJ has still got some sense…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.