Resident Advisor, like much of the music world, appears to be completely incapable of introspection. They never consider how something might look to the outsider looking in – indeed, they’re often surprised and unsure how to respond when someone starts asking questions.

For example, this blog runs a music review column at the weekend. It’s called The Six On Saturday (That Aren’t From Me!) – and it’s called this for a reason. And that reason is simply it does not feature anything which I worked on. It’s a legacy thing from my artist Facebook page which predated Amateur’s House – if I produced it, remixed it or am connected to it in any way, I don’t write about it.

It really is that simple. I think reviewing my own music simply isn’t a good look – but Resident Advisor don’t think so. Only they could carry a review of an EP from the blog blocking Ash Lauryn and not see this was a clear conflict of interest. Infact, I deliberately keep a distance between myself and the producers whose music I review.

Now, Resident Advisor frequently talk about how they see themselves as representatives of a culture. They also like to speak in long-winded and pompous pieces about things they’re going to do to showcase as much of the scene as possible – especially parts which rarely or never get any media exposure.

Yet here they are reviewing music from The Weeknd – an underground singer who has sold a modest 75 million records and who’s worth the very small sum of $200million. Not exactly consistent with their claims to showcase talent we haven’t seen before…

By The Editor

Editor-in-chief at Amateur’s House.

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