It can’t be easy being Michael Weiss of Nervous Records this week. A few days ago, the label boss went down to the Mexican municipality of Tulum. It’s not entirely clear from the label’s social media accounts what the reason for the trip was – but an insider tells me it was a “business trip to take new pictures of merchandise that’ll be launched later this year”.

This would explain the presence of the two ubiquitous models of Nervous Records – who are never named or tagged on their socials. It also suggests the label is unlikely to drop the sexist, appallingly out of date advertising strategy they currently use anytime soon. Which just gives me even more content for the blog, but there you go.

Anyway, it’s been extremely hot in Tulum this week. Yesterday, temperatures in the area reached a high of 30°C, and even night time saw a low of only 21°C. What a remarkable contrast with the base of Nervous Records – New York will today enjoy a high of around 0°C, and Saturday night will see brass monkey territory being reached, with lows of -10°C.

There’s no doubt the three who went on the trip will be wrapped up warm upon their return to the Big Apple today – and they’ll certainly need to wear more than this…

A number of those commenting appear to have had the same thought as me – namely, how on earth has Mike Weiss managed to spend the past few days in Tulum with that baking heat and still managed to get no tan at all?

The results of this trip will no doubt appear on the Nervous social media pages soon enough. In the meantime, special mention must go to this charming reply to the above Instagram link.


By The Editor

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